Our Second Official Race will include the use of Raptors over the course of 10 complete laps.

Participants will race around our Land Track at Slosher Slope for a total of 10 laps in a competition to win one of 3 available shoulder-pet/carry-able tames.

When: September 6th (Wednesday)
Time: 9:00PM EST
Laps: 10
  1. NO AntiNODES may be used during this race!
  2. All Entries must be a Raptor, all other Dino Types will be considered Disqualified for Prizes!

Winners of the Race will receive the following rewards:
First Place:
Lv.150 Otter
Second Place: Lv. 100 Microraptor
Third Place: Lv. 50 Kairuku
Friendly Fire is scheduled to re-enable on our server due to playerbase demand.
Please be sure to watch your more violent tames and any ranged attacks that would otherwise cause your team-mates harm.

Gigas are also scheduled to start showing an appearance, anyone located in Scotland are advised to proceed with caution while traversing this area or preparing for the worst in the event a wild Giga attack.

Note: Changes will not take effect until a scheduled update restart, via either mod or game update. Please be aware of when this may occur to be better prepared for these changes!
To kick off the Official Release of ARK: Survival Evolved we will be holding our first Official Racing Event on the 29th, and the star of our track will be the Parasaur!

The Race will include 4 laps around the track with Parasaur, in honor of Jen from the WildCard team!
Big thanks to Jen for all the news and information she shares with the rest of us via her Twitter account and loving one of the most over-looked but adorable nonetheless Dinos in ARK.

When: August 29th (Tuesday)
Time: 9:00PM EST
  1. NO AntiNODES may be used during this race!
  2. All Entries must be a Parasaur, all other Dino Types will be considered Disqualified for Prizes!

Winners of the Race will receive the following rewards:
First Place:
100 Appetizer X
Second Place: 50 Appetizers
Third Place: 100 Narcotic
We've recently added Castles and Keeps to our Mod Collection, as well as a Fertilizer Silo.
Our building features should now offer much more decorative and creative options from the standard Vanilla with the Castle/Keep structures and we are eager to see many creative structures appear on our map!
The Fertilizer Silo should fit in nicely with our Item Collector feature & Dung Beetle/Compost Bins to help automate the maintaining of our Crops/Farms with minimal Player intervention.

We have also decided to reduce our EXP and Taming multipliers down to a flat x2 Rate to even-out our rates. EXP was sending our newer players through levels far too quickly and our previous x5 Tame Rate was making Kibble and our Appetizers pointless.
We feel with this change not only will Appetizers become more appealing to use for the longer tames, but will also encourage trade among players to obtain eggs/kibble to achieve our higher level Dinos.

We are also reaching out to our player base for ideas and suggestions on items they'd like to see appear in Custom Crate/Drop generation!
Please head on over to this forum thread to give us your ideas!
It has come to my attention that our PvE server needs a little more challenge/excitement to the play we offer.
Because of this I have to offer "Dino Racing Evolved"! A mod designed to incorporate a race-track for different Dinosaur types that players can participate in and win prizes for completion.

The general idea is to host these race events with certain Dino types allowed during each course ran. For example: "Spino Races!", "Turtle Races!" and so on.
Rules would apply that no Antinodes could be used during these events to boost speed and only the skill of the rider and the Dinos given stats could be considered legal to participate.

Here is a deeper look into the mod for anyone interested:
We have replaced our PvP ARK server with a PvE Environment server instead.
We offer several Cosmetic building mods as well as the standard Quality of Life mods we have also offered our players, with a few extra treats thrown in!


Iron Nexus is a PvE, Casual experience with slightly boosted rates in favor of players who love to play ARK but also have a life to live outside of the game.

Admin interference is minimal but always within reach via Email or Discord if connection issues, server lag or other issues arise.
Iron Nexus aims to provide a comfortable, laid back environment for all players while maintaining freedoms and fairness between players and admin alike.
Admin Logging is Enabled for peace-of-mind of both Admin and Players.



  • 240 Max Wild-Dino
  • 0 Engram Saddles
  • No Titanosaurus

  • x3 Exp
  • x5 Taming
  • x2 Harvest
  • x2 Egg Lay Multiplier
  • Tribe Imprinting
  • 1/2 Baby Food-Consumption
  • x2 Mature Rate
  • x2 Egg Hatch Rate

With mostly quality of life and cosmetic mods, a sense of mostly vanilla mechanics is in-tact with the exception of allowing Titanoboa taming and Module Upgrades for your Dinos Stats.
We're looking forward to seeing all the amazing bases that our players can design with our Cosmetic Mods & Structures+.

While we offer many features similar to an RP server, we are not a designated Roleplay Server however...
Due to the severe inactivity of our PVP ARK:Survival Evolved server, we will be closing it's doors on 08/16/2017.

We will be focusing on production of our Minecraft release as well as working closely with Wurm: Unlimited.
We apologize for shutting down our ARK server in this manner, though feel our other areas will benefit greatly for this decision and later-on we may be able to bring back ARK once we have finished finalizing, developing and maturing our other offered services.

As always, we are eager to hear from our players and always happy to answer any questions anyone may have.
Due to server limitations we were forced to wipe our map in exchange for a much smaller world.
Unfortunately this means all skills, builds and progress was lost in the process.

There is some good news however!
This map should be much more manageable for players to travel across, as well as opening up higher possibility of cross-server travel in the future with other maps!

Of course with a down-size of our world, a few changes had to be made to creature count, mod setting changes as well as other things.
The first few hours will be spent focusing on preparing a Spawn Location for players joining this new map, to ensure everyone's start is as painless as possible when it comes to exploring this new world. Many assets and design features of our previous map were attempted to be brought over into this new, also custom map with this reset.

I hope we can love this map as much as we loved the last one.
My apologies everyone for having to start all over. :(
Due to an unforeseen error on our hosts end, our server is using way more resources than we are supposed to be. Now this is not something that we can correct without down-sizing the server/map/mods/etc; itself.

In order to maintain the map and make-up of a server we have already I ask for everyone's help in pulling together and helping to fund the server itself.


This links directly to the server hosting account where the funds can be used to pay for an upgrade to the server to suit our useage, and continue to ensure that it can stay up and running. I sincerely hate to ask this of everyone, and I apologize that this was not something I caught myself a long time ago. I appreciate any and all help anyone can provide to help keep our server alive.

If funds cannot be raised to maintain our current setup, the server will be forced to wipe in order to downsize to a smaller map and creature count. I know this is not an option everyone is fond of, and I would personally prefer not to have to do this myself as well. Unfortunately this may be the only route available to us all in order to keep our community together.
Wurm Unlimited has been brought back online after being down for majority of the day yesterday.

The Modloader to allow our installed mods to function properly had been disallowing our server to start properly at all.
For safety of our save purposes, we left the server offline during this time without our mods to ensure that no harm came to the hard work everyone has put into their Deeds and the surrounding land so far.

Our world seems to be just as we left it, without error and ready for everyone to return to our world.
Please do let us know if there are any issues that have snuck by us after this update!

Please be sure to update your own client with the new updated modloader version!
Iron Nexus can do nothing if you refuse/forget to update your own client to ensure your mods still work properly with the server.