EDIT: Wurm Unlimited is still offline for the time being. As it turns out there are a few errors within the updates themselves and we are working our hardest to get these resolved as soon as possible.

Our sincere apologies for the Wurm Unlimited server being unavailable for a couple of hours today.
We were performing mod, steam and other updates to the server itself.

Admittedly this did not take a few hours to complete, but I had personally forgotten to ensure that the server started properly after everything was finished.
We have received a plugin jar ready to install to a working server environment to play around with!

This will include the following features:
  1. Races
    • Racial Passives
    • Attribute Calculations
    • Resource Displays
  2. Levelled Mobs
    • Customized Mob Drops
    • Configuration settings per World
  3. Items
    • Custom Repair Mechanics
    • Shield/Offhand re-workings/functionality
We will be shifting our hosting to a new Host to open our Custom Plugins with, this should enable us a clean-slate when working with our new & upcoming features!

Keep your eyes open on our News and Information section for future Minecraft Updates on the status of this Host Location to give our custom designs a test!
A few tweaks/adjustments in an attempt to alleviate Server Hang-Ups, and reduce the effect of "Empty coffers".

  1. Removed "Always Pay-Out" on Mob Bounties
    1. Farm creatures will never reward bounties
  2. Changed the way digging works
    1. Nearby piles on the ground will be used when flattening/levelling
    2. Dirt/Sand/etc will be auto placed inside a Dragged Cart and/or their crates
    3. Dredging will auto place into boat/ship
  3. Weather effects have been removed
    1. This may return at a later date
  4. Reduced Global Mob count in an attempt to eliminate Creature Lag/Hang-Ups
    1. Down to 300,000 from 500,000
  5. King's Coffer Replenish adjusted
    1. 1,000,000 irons
  6. Server Restart Schedule Adjusted
    1. Steam Update check
      • 7 AM EST
    2. Server Restart
      • 12PM EST (Noon)
  7. Removed Sacrifice Mod
    1. Sacrifice no longer has a chance to return a Bone of equal rarity
  8. Added Hitching Post mod
    • [​IMG]
      • 3 logs
      • 5 L nails
      • 3 Horseshoes
      • 3 planks
Iron Nexus is seeking dedicated members who are interested in assisting with the Administration of one or more of our Game-Servers.

We understand that having available, in-game Staffing is important to many players to ensure that their gameplay is uninterrupted and operating smoothly.

We're welcoming all applicants at this time!
Please feel free to fill out the following form and send an email to our Support at Support@IronNexus.net

If you know someone who may be right for the job, please encourage them to fill out a form and send it in!
We've opened up an Ark: Survival Evolved server!

We've gone with a PvPvE environment, with several Quality of Life Mods included.
We've chosen Ragnarok as our server's map and look forward to seeing it blossom into an interesting community and joining the Iron Nexus family here at IronNexus.net.

A designated Forum section has already been created and information will continue to fill-out over the next couple of days.

For those who are not aware of what exactly ARK: Survival Evolved is, feel free to check out the game's steam-page on the link provided or discuss with other members who may be familiar already.

As always, we welcome any and all questions, concerns or comments!
Our Website is nearly complete, though not without polish.
However, we now have the needed forums for our current game-servers. We have Shop sections available and in the works! We have an available Wiki, ready for editing and updating to provide as much information as we may possibly need!

We even through in a special place for our Streamers.
Currently we're not opening space for new "Home Streamers" just yet, however we may do so in the very near future.

We encourage everyone to take a good look around however, and let us know what you think!
Pardon our dust and unfinished edges, we still have a few things to tend to. :p
Water Well/Fountain Water Fix
Any Fountains or Wells that were previously filling with 1QL water should now fill properly with clean 100QL water instead.
Please be sure to drain and push your previously buggy wells/fountains to be sure they update properly with the correct QL water value.

Online Map Update

We made sure to update our online map as well with this update!
You can find a direct link to the online map in the Wurm Unlimited Information thread.

Crop Tweak

A change has been made to crops to differentiate their growth speeds. This should prevent entire fields reaching harvest (or weeds) all at once.
This may effect growth timer as well and may more closely represent Wurm Online crop settings.

Please leave feedback on our Crop Method over the next couple of days as we experiment with this growth pattern to prevent "speedy crops" or "completely dead farms".
Creature count has been noticed to be lacking on our larger than average map, so lets try bumping up our count and increasing the rate in which we start seeing Aggressive Creatures!!
  • Aggressive Creature Count: 65%
  • Total Creature Count: 300K
It's been long over due that Iron Nexus received it's own, personalized website for all the features and content we've offered over the years.

Please bear with us while our website is still in development, however we welcome new Registers and Forum use!
Our goal is to consolidate all our websites into one, stepping away from Enjin and other outside source sites to offer everything into one easy to manage and access website!

We aim to expand our website as our services grow as well, offering individual forum sections as needed and other site-based options as the need arises.
Please be sure to leave feedback for us to review and consider!