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    Our Third Official Race will include the use of Beelzebufo over the course of 10 complete laps.

    Participants will race around our Land Track at Slosher Slope for a total of 10 laps in a competition to win one of 3 available AntiNODE rewards.

    When: September 20th (Wednesday)
    Time: 9:00PM EST
    Laps: 10
    1. NO AntiNODES may be used during this race!
    2. All Entries must be a Beelzebufo, all other Dino Types will be considered Disqualified for Prizes!

    Winners of the Race will receive the following rewards:
    First Place:
    Ramshackle Scout Module
    Second Place: Apprentice Stamina Module
    Third Place: Primitive Speed Module
    Modules do not include the actual AntiNODE required to equip the Module to the Dino!

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