ARK: Regrettable Rollback

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    Unfortunately in an attempt to fix an error on our part with our Rates being set back to Vanilla, our Save became corrupt again.
    We sadly had to do yet another rollback in order to save our world as a whole.

    We are sincerely sorry for this inconvenience everyone, we know everyone puts in hard work towards progression and it is increasingly frustrating to hear that we've had to perform a rollback at all.

    We do hope that Wild Card fixes this save corruption issue very soon so that we may never have this problem again!
    Our backup times have been increased in frequency in an attempt to reduce the amount of rollback we are forced to do if the time comes.
    We hope should it have to occur again, it won't hurt everyone as badly.

    Again, we are sincerely sorry for this and want to thank everyone for their patience!

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