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    We have decided that the addition of Homing Pigeon would benefit the majority of our players by allowing flyers to return to a location based on a Homing Pigeon Flag, when equipped with a Homing Pigeon leg-ring in the event that their rider dies.

    This should alleviate the need to return to certain origins of death when dying while riding flyers. This includes accidental dismounting while flying as well as possible deaths while out in the world during tames or other relative harvesting excursions.
    Returns include passenger mounts such as Gryphons or Tapejara, who may also be carrying a passenger on-board but the initial rider dies.

    Be sure to equip important flyers with these special leg-rings to your flyers and construct a return Homing Pigeon flag, in an area that is accessible from the outside. Flags located within a building will likely cause confusion to beloved flyers and prevent easy returning home.

    Possible settings for Homing Pigeon include returning to nearest flag or default location per flyer. Homing Pigeon also includes options to recall specific equipped flyers to current accessed flag, easily transporting flyers from one location to the desired location based on summoning command.

    Flyers reach max-world height to avoid collision and conflict with wilds to avoid fear of death of flyer during travel from current location to "Home" or desired summon location.

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