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    AntiNODE has returned to our Classic Flyers Edition!
    Requirements, adjustments, rates and all features have remained unchanged!
    Get out there and explore those caves for your Antinode Upgrade Artifacts!

    Upgrade Station has joined our list of fun features!
    Upgrade the various stats on your chosen Armor, Weapon or Saddle for the price of materials. Further upgrade the Quality to reach even higher Stat Values at a more expensive cost to upgrade values.
    Create blueprints of any Armor, Weapon or Saddle you find or create at the cost of the original Item. Don't worry, you'll get some materials back for converting!

    Flyer Adjustments!
    Don't worry, we didn't nerf our flyers to the ground! You can still level-up your speed and all other stats accordingly.
    However, the base-speed of Ptera as well as Wyvern has been reduced. As well as a few other adjustments made to our Pteranodons.
    Further alterations and adjustments may occur while we attempt to find a suit-able balance of roles while avoiding any over-powered status of any of our flyers.

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