Minecraft Plugin: RPGEvolved Update

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    Jun 10, 2017
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    We have received a plugin jar ready to install to a working server environment to play around with!

    This will include the following features:
    1. Races
      • Racial Passives
      • Attribute Calculations
      • Resource Displays
    2. Levelled Mobs
      • Customized Mob Drops
      • Configuration settings per World
    3. Items
      • Custom Repair Mechanics
      • Shield/Offhand re-workings/functionality
    We will be shifting our hosting to a new Host to open our Custom Plugins with, this should enable us a clean-slate when working with our new & upcoming features!

    Keep your eyes open on our News and Information section for future Minecraft Updates on the status of this Host Location to give our custom designs a test!

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