New Cluster Map + A New Mod

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    We've repurposed our old Ragnarok Server with a new map and maintained our Cluster with the IP.
    Our main Ragnarok Map is now clustered with an Olympus Map which mimics the same identical settings as our Main Server.

    We encourage everyone to explore the new map as well as Ragnarok!

    New Mod Features
    We've reintroduced ORP2 in place of the Vanilla Offline Raid Protection. We felt this maintained a more threatening/dangerous PvP environment without the solid comfort of invincibility while offline.
    ORP2 will buff both Dinos and Structures after 30 Minutes of all Tribe-Members being offline. The need for Turrets, Plants and so-forth are still required to maintain safety while both online and offline. However, structures should be more difficult to penetrate while a tribe is offline and Dinos should be able to better defend themselves as well.

    We've also introduced the ability to transfer Element as well as Boss and Apex Trophies. Craft transfer-able tickets with your items to transport these items and redeem them after reaching your preferred destination.

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