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    We have replaced our PvP ARK server with a PvE Environment server instead.
    We offer several Cosmetic building mods as well as the standard Quality of Life mods we have also offered our players, with a few extra treats thrown in!


    Iron Nexus is a PvE, Casual experience with slightly boosted rates in favor of players who love to play ARK but also have a life to live outside of the game.

    Admin interference is minimal but always within reach via Email or Discord if connection issues, server lag or other issues arise.
    Iron Nexus aims to provide a comfortable, laid back environment for all players while maintaining freedoms and fairness between players and admin alike.
    Admin Logging is Enabled for peace-of-mind of both Admin and Players.



    • 240 Max Wild-Dino
    • 0 Engram Saddles
    • No Titanosaurus

    • x3 Exp
    • x5 Taming
    • x2 Harvest
    • x2 Egg Lay Multiplier
    • Tribe Imprinting
    • 1/2 Baby Food-Consumption
    • x2 Mature Rate
    • x2 Egg Hatch Rate

    With mostly quality of life and cosmetic mods, a sense of mostly vanilla mechanics is in-tact with the exception of allowing Titanoboa taming and Module Upgrades for your Dinos Stats.
    We're looking forward to seeing all the amazing bases that our players can design with our Cosmetic Mods & Structures+.

    While we offer many features similar to an RP server, we are not a designated Roleplay Server however have no rules against those who wish to participate. We offer an in-game mail system for offline communication as well as private discussion between players, or as a form to reach out to Admin privately as well!

    Mod Collection

    Note-worthy Mods

    • S+
    • Platforms+
    • ARK Postal Service
    • Resource Stacks
    • Super Spyglass
    • Tameable Titanoboa
    • Antinode

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