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    It has come to my attention that a few of my servers are in need of more Administration availability.
    Sadly I am only able to do so much as a single person, and am reaching out to first my current player-base who would be happy to assist in dealing with some of the problems that may have been occurring within your chosen game-server.

    Below, if you are interested please fill out and email the following form to

    Staffing Application Form

    Server: (Minecraft, Wurm, ARK)

    Email: Please provide a reliable e-mail address you can be reached at

    Steam/Minecraft ID :

    Discord ID :

    Website ID :

    What current issues have you noticed on your server?
    Frequent server lag, inability to connect, broken mods/plugins, etc;

    Why do you feel you're a good fit to support your server?

    Please describe any previous experience you may have with servers, or any position including management/moderation.

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