Wurm Reset

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    Due to server limitations we were forced to wipe our map in exchange for a much smaller world.
    Unfortunately this means all skills, builds and progress was lost in the process.

    There is some good news however!
    This map should be much more manageable for players to travel across, as well as opening up higher possibility of cross-server travel in the future with other maps!

    Of course with a down-size of our world, a few changes had to be made to creature count, mod setting changes as well as other things.
    The first few hours will be spent focusing on preparing a Spawn Location for players joining this new map, to ensure everyone's start is as painless as possible when it comes to exploring this new world. Many assets and design features of our previous map were attempted to be brought over into this new, also custom map with this reset.

    I hope we can love this map as much as we loved the last one.
    My apologies everyone for having to start all over. :(

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