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    Water Well/Fountain Water Fix
    Any Fountains or Wells that were previously filling with 1QL water should now fill properly with clean 100QL water instead.
    Please be sure to drain and push your previously buggy wells/fountains to be sure they update properly with the correct QL water value.

    Online Map Update

    We made sure to update our online map as well with this update!
    You can find a direct link to the online map in the Wurm Unlimited Information thread.

    Crop Tweak

    A change has been made to crops to differentiate their growth speeds. This should prevent entire fields reaching harvest (or weeds) all at once.
    This may effect growth timer as well and may more closely represent Wurm Online crop settings.

    Please leave feedback on our Crop Method over the next couple of days as we experiment with this growth pattern to prevent "speedy crops" or "completely dead farms".

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